Monday, September 07, 2009

today i am going to be sitting again and cross monday i go to get cast off i hope. my fingers are crossed that it will be allowed. i am so scared that the fusion did not take again. but time will tell.

chance seems to be growing he can no longer fit on my roll about comfortably. it is sooo funnny.

bruiser had to be outside with mike while it was raining..wanted to come in and lay on the couch.

saturday we went and saw something about steve...i was getting down and needed an uplift and getting out of the house. long rides are not comfortable for me and i can't walk much cause all the blood goes into my toes if i am walking. it just hangs there.... that gets uncomfortable. so the movies got me out..made me feel kinda normal...and gave me something stupid to laugh at.

going to cross stitch..have a great day.

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