Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well i am relearning how to live, life with a "label" is hard to deal with but glad it finally came about. looking forward to the Ohio Quilters retreat coming up next weekend. looking at all my fabric and thinking it is time to use it up. going to make Jenessa a few dresses, want to make a double wedding quilt out of 1930's, then i change my mind and think Kansas Trouble, then think civil war. only time will tell. i want to make a tumbler quilt out of 30s so thinking the double wedding ring will be out of kt or cv. although a tumbler quilt out of Civil war would look good. someone help me.

i am heading up to berlin on wednesday, due to my foot, mike agreed i should go up early just to give my foot a day to rest. Bless his soul..he has been wonderful. Just gives me more days to shop. Cheese shop, cross stitch, quilt..hmmmmmmmm wish i lived closer.

well i am making a gift for the hotel, will take picture and post it when i am done.