Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aug 2010

wow i have not posted since April...sorry to all those who have been asking me to update..so here goes...cleveland clinic are treating me now...the people in columbus i would suggest to anyone...so sorry but a very bad experience with the people i was sent to for pain management.

also i have been sewing...big improvement in attitude thanks to some wonderful friends. it is getting me motivated again..as you will see...putting up some photos under this. Ann and Irene made/are making a quilt called crossing ohio...i fell in love with it and here is my version...

then Irene and I chose to do a challenge between us...this one is called Reminisce: a medallion sampler quilt...here is my center thus far made of civil war...and Irenes made with Batiks and brights. more pictures as time allows.

thanks ladies for the kick in the pants that you got me back on here.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well i am relearning how to live, life with a "label" is hard to deal with but glad it finally came about. looking forward to the Ohio Quilters retreat coming up next weekend. looking at all my fabric and thinking it is time to use it up. going to make Jenessa a few dresses, want to make a double wedding quilt out of 1930's, then i change my mind and think Kansas Trouble, then think civil war. only time will tell. i want to make a tumbler quilt out of 30s so thinking the double wedding ring will be out of kt or cv. although a tumbler quilt out of Civil war would look good. someone help me.

i am heading up to berlin on wednesday, due to my foot, mike agreed i should go up early just to give my foot a day to rest. Bless his soul..he has been wonderful. Just gives me more days to shop. Cheese shop, cross stitch, quilt..hmmmmmmmm wish i lived closer.

well i am making a gift for the hotel, will take picture and post it when i am done.

Monday, February 22, 2010

finished Jeremiah Junction

i will post a photo when i get back to ohio. right now sitting in hotel in west virginia now working on mikes fish sampler. have lots of pictures to share...my card on camera is about full...hope you all are doing well..

Friday, January 15, 2010

update on life

well today i had my foot down most of the day..was working on this crazy jigsaw puzzle my gf gave me as a gift. i loved it and for some strange reason it took me almost a week to put together a 1000 piece puzzle. normally i make one that size in a day maybe a day and half. but now that is done and tomorrow i plan on sewing.

as for my foot i have had a spinal block which i really wish they would have done three months ago. what they do is put the nerve to sleep and allow it to reboot itself. it can take 3-14 days for any releif...but so far since yesterday i have had little pain..just pressure. i love how i can stand and make dinner without thinking opps i have to sit down and take pain killer. next week i hope to vacumn that is my true test.

i will update the blog another time with the cross stitch i am working on...and going to start another one or two more...yes i am a starter....now to finish some up.

hope everyone has a great day and gets to enjoy what they love to do best. tomorrow mike said we are going out somewhere to celebrate. i can't wait!!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2010 cross stitching

here is the bookmark that I sent Dee through the Kustom Krafts group. she said it sparkles i am thinking because of the chirstmas card i had put it in with sparkles on it. got a good chuckle out of that one.

This is the mona lisa book mark my grand daughter Jenessa wanted, it took me a week to do, just mailed it off to her today. i know she will get a lot of use out of it since she reads so much.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

happy new year

well i have had a wonderful end to a trying year, all the kiddies are now home and house is quiet again. i am working on a mona lisa book mark for my 8 year old granddaughter Jenessa who was here for a week to enjoy nana and papas time. she is reading the fifth book of harry potter and loves to read so i will make her a bookmark for herself. she loved the one i got in an exchange on a cross stitch group i belong to. then i will go back to my sons picture and my new start of mystic tigers from Kustom Krafts. also doing a head bookmark...that is a sal. Story keep enchanted. about 90 colors in it so i know a lot of threading needle.

news on the foot...i saw the doc yesterday...he told me that we have at least a years time to allow this to heal but i can walk with no brace or boot anymore as long as i am comfortable with it. i don't mind not having the support but it still swells and the swelling causes pain. next week i will be going to a pain management specialist. time will tell with this i guess.

time to get stitching today...want to finish up my granddaughters bookmark..if i finish i will post a photo tomorrow.