Sunday, August 05, 2012

don't fall over now, I am writing.  have been busy with my grand daugthers this summer already, and a new addition to the family.  my husband went to take our dog Bruiser for a run and ran across this small puppy. yes she had a collar, but so many issues.  7 ticks in her ears, ear mites, fleas galore.  well, he said that he would wait for the kennel to open.  then changed his mind.  here is her photo. so between model stitching and quilting my life is very busy.  enjoy your day.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

well, it is going to be a great day today, going on a quilt retreat with some great friends.  can't wait to start sewing.  took some pictures while in michigan this past week after vegas vacation.  they are the cross stitch i did for my daughter over ten years ago. enjoy, hope to update with some tops soon.
paula vaughns picture

a carousel i made for her proudly displayed

here is the quilt i made my brother for his wedding.

my april doll quilt 

purple passion quilt