Sunday, August 21, 2011

well thought I would give an update to my life for those who care. I had an accident with my motorcycle while visiting a family friend. skinned my leg good and just got an estimate for repair on my motorcycle..1,600 dollars...YIKES. thank God for insurance.

have been to amish country this last month to help Irene pack some. Wonderful time as always. Went to the zoo with my former boss Karen..took her grands with us...great time there. Visited a gf who has had surgery...planned on attending a quilt retreat in September..

This past week I have made a Primative Gathering wall hanging called Itty Bitty Primative Pinwheels that i picked up at NQA. Thinking about using the piece for a purse...think it would be more useful that way. check out the pictures below.

From this.... and I love it.