Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aug 2010

wow i have not posted since April...sorry to all those who have been asking me to update..so here goes...cleveland clinic are treating me now...the people in columbus i would suggest to anyone...so sorry but a very bad experience with the people i was sent to for pain management.

also i have been sewing...big improvement in attitude thanks to some wonderful friends. it is getting me motivated again..as you will see...putting up some photos under this. Ann and Irene made/are making a quilt called crossing ohio...i fell in love with it and here is my version...

then Irene and I chose to do a challenge between us...this one is called Reminisce: a medallion sampler quilt...here is my center thus far made of civil war...and Irenes made with Batiks and brights. more pictures as time allows.

thanks ladies for the kick in the pants that you got me back on here.