Sunday, August 05, 2012

don't fall over now, I am writing.  have been busy with my grand daugthers this summer already, and a new addition to the family.  my husband went to take our dog Bruiser for a run and ran across this small puppy. yes she had a collar, but so many issues.  7 ticks in her ears, ear mites, fleas galore.  well, he said that he would wait for the kennel to open.  then changed his mind.  here is her photo. so between model stitching and quilting my life is very busy.  enjoy your day.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

well, it is going to be a great day today, going on a quilt retreat with some great friends.  can't wait to start sewing.  took some pictures while in michigan this past week after vegas vacation.  they are the cross stitch i did for my daughter over ten years ago. enjoy, hope to update with some tops soon.
paula vaughns picture

a carousel i made for her proudly displayed

here is the quilt i made my brother for his wedding.

my april doll quilt 

purple passion quilt

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

well i had wished that i would have all of my kids together for the first time in several years. as it turns out it will be minus one. my youngest has to work...praying that christmas is a family gathering this time.
other than that working on some small christmas ornaments for a craft fair at Teas Valley West Middle School on Dec. 3. think two dollars will be a taker...they are so cute. Maybe post a photo another day.

finished my Quick Trip that i was so impressed with at retreat. the top is done, no backing and quilting yet..maybe another day i will post those photos also.

have a wonderful thanksgiving one and all.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

well thought I would give an update to my life for those who care. I had an accident with my motorcycle while visiting a family friend. skinned my leg good and just got an estimate for repair on my motorcycle..1,600 dollars...YIKES. thank God for insurance.

have been to amish country this last month to help Irene pack some. Wonderful time as always. Went to the zoo with my former boss Karen..took her grands with us...great time there. Visited a gf who has had surgery...planned on attending a quilt retreat in September..

This past week I have made a Primative Gathering wall hanging called Itty Bitty Primative Pinwheels that i picked up at NQA. Thinking about using the piece for a purse...think it would be more useful that way. check out the pictures below.

From this.... and I love it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

good hump day to one and all

Ella Marie Nicklow

Born 7-11-11

8:09 am

6lbs 9 oz

18 inches long

Mike fishing in Paint Creek

Purses i made for family

Destiny, Jenessa and Mike at his folks house for a party.

not much going on..just lots of running. have wonderful granddaughter Jenessa this week and busy every day so far. today we are heading to cosi, tomorrow is the zoo..friday is fishing...hmmm maybe some sewing saturday...we are planning to try to get a quilt started. have had company last month...went visiting and found a quilt retreat in september, at zinks inn in berlin ohio...can't wait. started cutting twirling triangles. also going to cut out a kt quilt to work on...

have a wonderful day one and all

Saturday, June 11, 2011

second posting for june

well went shopping yesterday and got some material for a purse...looking forward to making this up and perhaps making one for relatives..hope to get some sewing in today which i hope but not sure...foot swelled up bad yesterday while walking and night with hubby going to dinner then over to find a park for fishing. hope you all have a wonderful day.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

that time again

Irene stated it has been 9 months since i posted ..i am thinking it may have been longer but that is ok...had wonderful week sewing with her...she has inspiried me here we go...hope i remember to get on here to post more often...this week i put together another jacobs ladder with that top is to get it quilted...then i moved onto my Fons and Porter scrappy forget the name of it...just have to finish one more border of diamonds on point...then i started my batik stars. did not get my dear jane going again but that is this afternoons work...wooo hooo. so here are a few photos..