Friday, January 15, 2010

update on life

well today i had my foot down most of the day..was working on this crazy jigsaw puzzle my gf gave me as a gift. i loved it and for some strange reason it took me almost a week to put together a 1000 piece puzzle. normally i make one that size in a day maybe a day and half. but now that is done and tomorrow i plan on sewing.

as for my foot i have had a spinal block which i really wish they would have done three months ago. what they do is put the nerve to sleep and allow it to reboot itself. it can take 3-14 days for any releif...but so far since yesterday i have had little pain..just pressure. i love how i can stand and make dinner without thinking opps i have to sit down and take pain killer. next week i hope to vacumn that is my true test.

i will update the blog another time with the cross stitch i am working on...and going to start another one or two more...yes i am a to finish some up.

hope everyone has a great day and gets to enjoy what they love to do best. tomorrow mike said we are going out somewhere to celebrate. i can't wait!!!

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Bianca said...


I am so glad your nerve block seems to help you a bit.

I know how that is with startitis. That is a horrible, and contagious disease. I caught it in the Quilt Store, and have been starting projects ever since. There is just no cure, it has to take it's course. LOL