Saturday, September 19, 2009

foot news

for those following about my foot, got news yesterday that i did not need to come back up for a cast but ...there is always a but with me isn't there, i can not walk on it yet. that will be another month before i get the ok there. as long as i use the boot and wheelie...i am good.


Sharon said...

That's good news that you don't need a cast! Glad to hear your on the mend.
I am down with my back right now, but will try to remember to swing by and get the coupons. It may take a couple of days.

Bianca said...


I am so sorry that you will have to wait one more month. I know how eager you where to get back somewhat normal life. I hope this one more month will do the trick, and come retreat in May, we will take a walk around the Quiltstores.

I keep you in my prayers.